NPO Takidhun

A peaceful village stretches out before you: your eyes linger on the red-clay tiled roofs, you can feel the hand-woven Minsah cloth between your fingers, and off in the distance you hear the faint sounds of traditional song and dance. These pieces of everyday life represent an important cultural landmark, born from the lives of the islanders and passed down through the generations.
The NPO Takidhun was established to research and preserve this fading cultural commodity. We want to protect the scenery and way of life of this unique island so that it will live on in the hearts of future generations through the spirit of community and togetherness, or, as the islanders call it, Utsugumi.

An idea of NPO Takidhun establishment

Taketomi possesses many unique cultural assets: a tranquil natural environment, quiet village streets, fertile fields, song, dance, one-of-a-kind textiles, and numerous festivals.
Through countless years, these assets have been carefully polished and refined, and for each person on the island, an integral part to play in their maintenance has arisen. Every inch of land and every living thing on the island has been woven together to create a singular island lifestyle.
However, life on the island is changing and the ancient traditions are slowly disappearing.
With no one to study the ancient textile making techniques, maintain the beautiful village scenery, or learn the age-old festivals such as the Tanadhui, these things will soon be lost forever. To protect this priceless knowledge, the NAPCOTI (National Association for the Preservation of the Culture of Taketomi Island) was established. The NPO Takidhun (a non-profit organization) also helps by directly supporting the islanders so that they may secure a thriving future that can pass on the invaluable cultural heritage of the island to future generations.

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