Art from Adversity (dyeing and weaving)

There were songs everywhere. People were singing every time. Songs were always in their work. Songs were precious treasures; when people went to Iriomote Island to cultivate the field to produce rice, when they chopped down trees in a mountain to build houses, when they brought the woods to the island, when they built their houses, whenever they collaborated to work together, whenever they had a break, whenever they were sad, and whenever they were happy.
At first, songs had been sung during the hard labor, and then they have come to be sung in a purpose of enjoying the lives of people.


This song express the appearance that fog gets down silently at the good season of URUZUN in March and April.
Fog comes up to high hill. White birds gather on a white beach. We gather at Drawing room called Oza, Sanka-za. It is most auspicious song sung in chorus while throwing back a pint at the time of congratulation festivals, such as harvest festivals, a housewarming, and congratulations on a birth.


This song is sung by way of entertainment at the banquet where young people gather in March. The appearance of a season, the weather, and animals is sung. They sing it humorously, imitating the cry of a natural sound and an animal . .

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