Taketomi Yugafu-kan

Taketomi Field Museum

Over the ages, a variety of folk tales have developed with the people of Taketomi Island, and they are still told today. They have been passed from generation to generation, inspired from the nature and daily life on the island.
The stories are set in daily island life, featuring the shores, woods, fields, paths, houses, wells, and "On," or the local tombs.
The stories and their setting of Taketomi Island are so deeply related and every one of them is connected to each†other to form Taketomi Island that they are treasured by the people there.

The Field museum is here to allow people to experience the REAL stories of Taketomi Island. There are six supporting attractions, centered by the Taketomi Yugafu-kan, to let you approach learning about the island from different angles. You can get a feel for life here with your own eyes, hands, and feet. We hope a new story of your own will be made in Taketomi Island.

Taketomi is an island formed from the coral reef, so it is naturally full of bright colors.There is abundant wildlife both in the ocean and on the land.
Inhabitants who can feel the change in season by a touch of the wind†tried many ways to make the 9.2Km dimmater island, as†comfortable as possible.
You can see their efforts inside and outside the villages. One of many examples is that all the streets and path are conveied with white coral sand from the beach in order to easily recognize any venomous pit vipers that happen by.

There are legends known as 'Muhyama' and 'Yahyama' on Taketomi Island.
When the Ryukyu Dynasty ruled the island, there was a hero named Nishitoh.
As people were obliged to supply fabrics as part of their poll tax, textiles like Yaeyama cloth and Yaeyama Minsah were created. During the feudal period, entertainment and travel were restricted, so inhabitants created folk stories, and old folk songs, to entertain themselves.
In addition, the legional dialect called 'Tehdhun-muni' evolved over time.

Worshipping nature gods and admiring the ancestors are of fundamental importance for all the island people. Uniting the whole island, is the Public Hall; a self-governing institution. The island used to depend on agriculture and fishery.
The spirit of "Yui" and "Utsugumi" are essential in dealing with typhoons, constructing solid houses, and cooking for festivals and events.
They take pride in preserving the beauty of the island; the roofs of their houses and their daily routine of cleaning the streets early every morning are habits passed down from long ago.

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