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Sound song

Asadoya Yunta

This is the song about an officer(Mizashi) of Taketomi Island who paid courtto the beautiful and hard working lady named Kuyama of Asadoya of HazamaVillage, but his proposal was denied. Then he went to Nakasuji Villageswiftly. On his way, he met a girl named Isukema, then again he paid court to her. She accepted his love, and he got the permission from her parents.He returned to his house holding her joyfully.
Shikita Bun

This is the song about Taketomi Island whose figure on the ocean in frontof Ishigaki Island is like a tray(bun) being dedicated to Ishigaki Island.Although it is such a small island, how dignified! It is not only the firstplace that kuramoto(an administrative office of Yaeyama area) had beenestablished, but it is also the birthplace of the first administrative officer in Yaeyama. Moreover trading ships come and go. This song encourages islanders never to forget the importance of collaboration and toovercome the tides of the time. (It is said that this was sung when Nishitoh, a hero of Taketomi Island had transferred kuramoto from Taketomito Ishigaki.)

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