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Feel the breeze while strolling about ---Walking around Taketomi Island, an offer from the Environmental Agency ---

Getting off the ferry at the East Port, it is nice to take the water buffalo tour leaving from Tehdhun kariyushi-kan, and renting a bicycle is always fun, but we would like to offer a new, but old, way to enjoy the island.
People on the island feel the season by the touch of the wind.
You have come this far, so why not observe life on the island at a walking speed with your own eyes? Feel the wind of Taketomi on your skin. But please don't forget a bottle of water and a hat.

Starting from Taketomi Yugafu-kan, stroll towards the village, passing below the scarlet deigo blossoms (the prefectural flower) in Spring. The "Sunmasha" gajumaro tree, fallen by a typhoon, is being grown again. Say hi to the goat on your left and you enter the village.
Feel free to walk around as you please from here, but don't miss the setting of the Tanedori Festival the Yuhchi-On, next to the Taketomi Folk Craft Museum. Passing through Ohse-kah (hard to find so be careful!) and on the path of Uhrya-On and March-On, keep silent and feel the change of atmosphere. Crossing the loop road from the western sunmasha, head for the eastern pier to see the beautiful sunset.
Take a stroll along the beautiful Kondoi Beach, where you will find pure, white sand and clear, shallow water, and also the Nihran God Stone, used in the Yuhnkai ritual. At high tide, you'd better wear beach sandals or you might get wet.
Keep going along the coastline, and you will reach Kaiji Beach, with its famous "star-shaped sand.
" It's so peaceful that the cats napping there might encourage you to do the same. Once on the Kaiji path, you might be welcomed by "kabirah" (butterflies).
Entering the village, the path is lined with fukugi trees. As you feel the crispy white-sand path under your feet, you will pass by bougainvillea flowers and several "On."

We highly recommend staying overnight at one of the guesthouses (called "minshuku") on the island if you wish to take some time to enjoy the island. You'll get the bonuses of the sunset, the silence, and the star-filled night sky. And you can have get opportunity to chat with the locals.

Please take all garbage back home with you, because very many peoples visit Taketomi Island.
Please keep out from the inside of Gukku (the stone wall), which is residents' private space.
Please do not walk in village with your swimwear, or revealing cloths on. Residents go about their daily life in there.
Staying except accommodations is strictly prohibited. If you want to go fising and all that at night, you need to reserve.
Don't touch and take care or the flower, the grass, the shellfish, the fish, the butterfly and whatever in nature. All living creatures have one's precious life.
"On" is sacred place. Don't forget to greet at the entrance and don't walk beyond the worship place.

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