Floor map

The Taketomi Yugafu-Kan (the Visitor Center) introduces the nature and people’s life in the island in their own language. We wish the relaxing time and friendly people here in the island will also lead to your own “yugafu” or “good fortune”.

Animals and plants you see in Taketomi island
Living with Gods
Nature and living in Taketomi island
Teedun theater, Teedun gallery
Utsugumi (Trying to combine into one)
Lasting impression of Taketomi island
Memorable Taketomi island
The Stories of Taketomi-jima
How to Enjoy the Walk around Taketomi-jima Island
Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park
The Island of Utsugumi Taketomi-jima Island
Yuntaku corner


Hours 8:00-17:00
Admission Free
Access 10 minutes by high-speed ship from Ishigaki remote island terminal
3 minutes on foot from Taketomi port